What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Brewery


  • Suggested route on the Zenne Valley walking network.
  • The nodes of this walk are not signposted on the ground, so make sure you have the NodeMapp Hike app with you.
  • Follow the nodes: start - 63 - 62 - 600 - 601 - 602 - 603 - 604 - 68 - 69 - 600 - 62 - 67 - 63 - start.
  • Some people claim that ‘alambic’ is a corruption of the name Lembeek, while others say that ‘alambic’ could also come from the French word alambic, a type of distilling apparatus used, among others, by jenever (gin) distillers. And the latter were also active in the former free state of Lembeek.
  • From alambic to lambic beer, typical of the Zenne Valley, where wild yeasts in the open air lead to the spontaneous fermentation of the beer.
  • In Lembeek, on the banks of the Zenne and the Brussels-Charleroi canal, you can certainly find somewhere to sample a delicious lambic, for example the Boon Bar of Boon brewery.
  • In the Malakoff domain, you can find the ruined tower which jenever baron Paul Claes, the mayor of Lembeek, built in 1854 in an impetuous mood, with a nod to the castle that stood in this meandering bend of the Zenne in the 11th century.
  • The traditional Saint Veronus march takes place in Lembeek on Easter Monday.During this procession, the residents of the village walk through the streets dressed in soldiers’ attire, in honour of their patron saint.