What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Suggested route on the Zenne Valley walking network.
  • The nodes of this walk are not signposted on the ground, so make sure you have the NodeMapp Hike app with you.
  • Follow the nodes: 6 - 617 - 620 - 619 - 618 - 395 - 396 - 60 - 6.
  • In the Pajottenland, more specifically the Zenne Valley, lambic and geuze are ubiquitous.
  • To sweeten the sour taste of geuze or lambic, people used to use a ‘lambiekstoemper’ to crumble a sugar cube into the glass. 
  • On this walk, be sure to try these typical beers in one of the cafés along the way. 
  • Also discover the tranquil Zenne trail that passes by the Eizingen mill site and the play forest. 
  • Buizingen has always been a wooded place, but the Kluisbos in particular is ideal for getting some fresh air. Hence the former presence of sanatoria and the children’s sanatorium for tuberculosis patients near these woods. 
  • Take a peek inside Saint Vincentius Church, also known as the church without a tower. Although the tower was never completed and the church thus lacks a spire, Buizingen can be proud of the listed 18th-century Van Peteghem organ.
  • Catch your breath at café-brewery Den Herberg, owned by the Devillé family, where they have been brewing the tastiest beers since 2007. Recently, they also started serving an Oude Geuze Devillé and a delicious Herberg Lambic. 
  • Where else but in the Zenne Valley would you want to taste a lambic?