What can one experience here?

  • Recreational domain/playground

    Recreational domain/playground

  • The provincial domain in Huizingen covers 91 ha and includes woods for walking and a pond with rowing boats. 
  • There are various sports facilities and a mini-golf course.
  • The playgrounds are suitable for children of different ages.
  • The animal park is home to goats, sheep, rabbits, pheasants, parakeets and much more.
  • The rockery is classified and well-known way beyond the boundaries of Beersel. No less than 1,200 sorts of rock plants and flowers can be found there. 
  • There is also an arboretum, a 55 ha wood with deciduous trees and conifers, featuring three walking trails. 
  • Provinciedomein Huizingen (©Lander Loeckx)
  • Provinciedomein Huizingen (©Stef Gilissen)

Provincial Domain Huizingen

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1654 Huizingen (Beersel)
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