Sister Bénédicte and Mademoiselle Florentine take you on a historical journey through the Ursuline convent in Tildonk. The future pupils of the boarding school will be under their keeping. ‘Parents’ and ‘children’ are shown every nook and cranny of the pupils’ future home – with a few thrilling tales along the way.

[only available in Dutch]

Did you know:

  • that the nuns also tended a huge orchard in the garden? 
  • that the Germans occupied the convent for quite some time during WWI?
  • that uniforms were mandatory at the boarding school? 
  • that the convent operated a large farm and bakery, which made it one of the area’s biggest employers? 
  • that foreign boarders lived here as well? 
  • that Sister Bénédicte was a fantastic cook? 
  • that Coq-au-vin was often on the convent menu? 
  • that there were/are a great many hotels in Tildonk? 
  • that the convent always has room for women wishing to enter the novitiate? 
  • that Mademoiselle Florentine and sister Bénédicte were good friends...or were they?

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