A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast will get you ready for the next stage. Still, a true racing wizard would never crawl under their covers before tending to their steel (or carbon) steed first. After a hard day’s work, give your bike a thorough clean and tune-up and then store it somewhere safe.

park7-foto 1

Park7 – Huldenberg 

Park7 guarantees you a stylish overnight stay, with seven luxurious rooms in a 17th-century paper mill in the House of Limburg Stirum’s castle park. Even better, your bike will be well-rested too after a check-up in the bike workshop.



Baron’s House – Neerijse 

After a blissful night spent in one of the luxury rooms of the Neerijse Castle Park coach house, even your aching calves will feel like new. What’s more, the gorgeous scenery on the edge of the Doode Bemde Nature Reserve is sure to make any cyclist happy.




Vallis Dyliae – Korbeek-Dijle 

Make your stay in one of the five cosy rooms in this English-style country house, just a stone’s throw – or rather, a bike trip away from Leuven and Brussels. Request an early bird or special breakfast, and don’t forget to pick up your packed lunch before the next stage.