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Luc will be our guide today. He was born and raised in Meise, on the north-western outskirts of Brussels. Luc loves his hometown and plays an active role in town life. As a neighbourhood clean-up coach and ambassador for the cycling and walking network, he does his bit to make his cherished home region a destination that visitors can enjoy themselves in.

Discover Luc's favourite cycling route:
Follow in the footsteps of a Belgian cycling legend, Eddy Merckx!


In a nutshell 

  • Nodes
    36 – 40 – 41 – 56 – 37 – 60 – 70 – 69 – 61 – 25 – 62 – 26 – 27 – 28 – 30 – 34 - 36
  • Departure point 
    Close to node 36 was our departure point, but you can just as easily start your own trip from any one of the other nodes. Here’s a small selection of options:
    • The church in Sint-Brixius-Rode ('s Herenweg in Meise) [near node 36]
    • Meise Botanical Garden (Nieuwelaan 38 in Meise) [between nodes 40 and 41]
    • The cemetery (August van Doorslaerlaan 93 in Meise) [between nodes 41 and 56] 
  • For anyone arriving by train:
    • Londerzeel Station (Klein Holland 2 in Londerzeel) [at node 62] – certain trains allow you to bring your bike along. 
  • Is there any place to park? 
    • The church in Sint-Brixius-Rode
    • Meise Botanical Garden: loads of parking along the Nieuwelaan.
    • The cemetery: parking at August van Doorslaerlaan 93, in Meise. 
  • GPS coordinates
    • Near the church in Sint-Brixius-Rode: 50°57'23.4"N 4°19'36.4"E
    • Meise Botanical Garden: 50°55'37.1"N 4°20'06.0"E
    • Cemetery: 50°55'41.9"N 4°19'00.4"E 
  • Distance
    39.6 km 
  • Time it takes
    3 hour 15 minutes
  • Type of terrain
    The northern half of the route is flat. The southern half includes a few short, but quite steep climbs. 
  • Signposting 
    Node signs (green/white) 
  • Bicycle rental point 
    None, please bring your own bike. 
  • Good eats & drinks
    • You can grab a bite to eat in the Orangery or bring your own picnic to the Meise Botanical Garden.
    • Brixius ice cream parlour ('s Herenweg 3, 1860 Meise)
    • 't Brouwershuis (St-Niklaasstraat 2, in Steenhuffel)
    • 't Leireken (Brouwerijstraat 29, in Steenhuffel)

What makes this your favourite cycling route? 

[Luc:] In my opinion, this route stands out because it has something for everyone. For cycling enthusiasts, there are a few cobbled streets and a handful of exhilarating calf biters (There's a good reason behind this route having been named after Belgium’s cycling legend, Eddy Merckx!). After having made it over (recovered from!) these climbs, you can also cycle along the many scattered country roads, surrounded by the lush greenery and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You'll find places to clear your head and relax – it’s heaven! 

[Luc:] Despite the route amounting to just under 40 km, you'll have the opportunity, as a recreational cyclist, to look back with pride on an athletic day out. 

[Luc:] The route is named after Eddy Merckx. When we mention our world-famous cycling star, we always say ‘den Eddy’ [Dialect for ‘Eddy, the one and only’]. You know, it really is something to cycle on Eddy Merckx's turf, where he lives and regularly takes his bike out for a spin. It’s also where he founded his famous bicycle factory.

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Could you briefly describe the route for us?

[Luc:] If you start in the vicinity of node 36, you'll find yourself in the picturesque village centre of Sint-Brixius-Rode. It’s home to Eddy Merckx and is also the spot he chose to start up his bicycle factory. 

From there you cycle southwards and in no time at all you'll find yourself at the Meise Botanical Garden (between nodes 40 and 41). This botanical garden is one of the world's biggest at 92 ha and contains an impressive 18,000 different plant species. I can’t recommend taking a quick break from the bike trip to visit this green oasis highly enough. The beautiful 19th-century Bouchout Castle in the middle of the domain adds even more to the prestige of the botanical garden. The glasshouse complex is one of the most beautiful in Europe! Has your stomach already started rumbling or are you thirsty? You can stop by the Orangery for a light meal. 

[Luc:] Time to hop back on the bike! We'll make our way from the botanical garden onto the Bosweg, which we’ll continue along for a while (after node 41). There's a lovely old farmhouse at the start of this narrow road. If you look closely you can still spot a watermill, the ‘the Amelgem watermill’, next to the farmhouse.

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[Luc:] From this point on – at least for the more sports-inclined of us – things get interesting! At the bottom of the Bosweg you should be sure to massage your calves because from here on out, the road is a steep climb. Turning left on the top of the Klaarlijkstraat, you’ll be able to take a load off after that workout in the Heirbaan. It’s an old Roman road that you’ll follow into the middle of the fields where you have a view of the Brussels skyline. Among others, you can see the Atomium and the Basilica of Koekelberg. At node 56 there’s a bench and a picnic table where you can take in the views for a little while. 

[Luc:] After this view it won’t be long before you pass the charming village of Oppem. For those interested in an overnight stay in the region, there are a few unique accommodations to be found in the village, such as B&B Het Sterckxhof and B&B Amelhof. There’s a wonderful 17th-century baroque chapel (the Amelgem Chapel) tucked away in the side garden of the last B&B I mentioned. During your stay, be sure to stroll over to Saint Stephen's church in Oppem. 

[Luc:] Follow the road towards Wolvertem and take a quick detour at node 37 towards node 40 to and take a quick detour at node 37 towards node 40 to pass the statue of Eddy Merckx in the Tramlaan. I deliberately altered the route to be sure that you, as a cyclist, would definitely pass by this statue. A related fun fact is that this statue’s sculptor has his own sculpture garden further along the route (slightly past node 69). The artist is happy to show you around, but make sure to make an appointment ahead of time using the form at

[Luc:] When you reach node 61, you’ll have made it to the Palm brewery (located in the centre on the market square). Palm Breweries is the only brewery in the world that brews according to the four traditional fermentation methods and carries out these time-honoured practices in three historical brewing sites. Behind the brewery and on the Diepensteyn Castle grounds, draught horses are bred. So, it's no coincidence that the beer bottle's famous logo features the Brabant draught horse. [Sadly, it’s not possible to visit the brewery on your own. Groups are welcome by reservation only.] 

[Luc:] Cycling along the railway (from nodes 25 to 28) is one of the treats of the northernmost part of the route. Follow this road until you reach the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal at which point you can continue the route to return via node 34 towards the starting point in Sint-Brixius-Rode. It’s no wonder that this is the perfect place for ending your trip, because at the centre of the village you'll find the 'Crèmerie' Brixius ('s Herenweg 3'). After all that cycling, you’ve definitely earned an ice cream!

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Are there any fun anecdotes or intriguing facts that you’d like to share in relation to this cycling route?

[Luc:] The Heirbaan (overlooking the Brussels skyline) is an incredibly tranquil spot where you can relax all year round. Well, with one exception: New Year's Eve! Around midnight, loads of folk congregate here to enjoy the fireworks set off in the heart of Brussels. It’s a special occasion on which everyone toasts to a happy new year, with the booms and whistling of the fireworks (and the popping champagne corks!) in the background.

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What's the best time of year to experience this route at its finest? 

[Luc:] I think the route is nicest in June because that’s when everything is in bloom. And the wheat fields are also at their most majestic then. September is also definitely worth going out of your way, but, the crops are already a little higher, which may occasionally keep you from the gorgeous views.

Has Luc sparked your imagination? Does being out-and-about in Flemish Brabant strike your fancy too?
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