What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Forest


  • Recommended Demer and Dyle River walking network route.
  • Follow the nodes: 86 – 108 – 109 – 87 – 88 – 89 – 85 – 86.
  • Silsom Woods is enchantingly beautiful all year round, but it's when the early summer sun makes its appearance and thousands of forest orchids and metres-high horsetails are in bloom that it becomes a true fairy-tale realm.
  • This walk takes you deep into the heart of this mysterious forest.
  • Beware of the Dark Lady though, this statue of Mary on the banks of the Molenbeek River has a sombre tale to tell.
  • Put on a pair of sturdy walking shoes or boots, because it can get super muddy out there.
  • Wandelaars in het Silsombos
  • Mensen aan een picknictafel in het Silsombos