What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Forest


  • Suggested route on the Sonian Forest digital walking network. 
  • The nodes of this walk are not signposted on the ground, so make sure you have the walking node app with you. 
  • Follow the nodes: 823 - 830 - 829 - 822 - 818 - 823. 
  • Let your children explore the Sonian Forest! The Hippodroom walk takes you past the most fun places for children in Groenendaal. 
  • You will come across a play area, playground, beautiful picnic spots and two bird-watching huts. 
  • The walk leads you for about 4.5 km through the beautiful beech forest and you might even see the galloway cattle in the grazing area. 
  • If the walk is a little too far, you can easily shorten it between nodes 822 and 823.
  • Mama en kind op een bankje in het bos
  • Wandelaars met hondje in het Zoniënwoud