What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Recommended Gete River Valley walking network route 
  • Follow the nodes: 1 - 140 - 19 - 101 - 138 - 10 - 1.
  • Young and old alike can set off to explore the enchanting splendour of the Large Gete River Valley nature reserve’s biodiversity.
  • Scamper cheerfully like a dormouse through the play forest on the Stationsplein in Drieslinter. It’s the perfect place to find out all about how the friends of this local furry inhabitant – also known as the sleeper – live. 
  • To cross the Gete River and get to the Gete Dragon, you’ll need to travel a sensational metres-high suspension bridge first. 
  • Seize the day and cross the great crested newt’s habitat on stilts. 
  • There’s a grill on site, so be sure to pack your favourite BBQ ingredients to let your inner chef free. 
  • Feel like a little star gazing after? You’re in luck! The nature reserve camp site accommodates a limited number of tents for an overnight stay.
  • Kinderen spelen op boomstronken
  • Kinderen spelen in de speeltuin