What can one experience here?

  • Walking


  • Forest


  • Recommended Zoniënwoud walking network route. The nodes of this walk are not physically signposted. Use the Walking Nodes app or follow the green wooden poles.
  • Follow the nodes: 422 - 419 - 400 - 40 418 - 419 - 421 - 422.
  • Stroll along royal avenues, beautiful lawns and among the foreign and exotic tree species found here.
  • When the autumn chill is on the air, be sure to venture out and enjoy the colourful palette of leaves.
  • To satisfy King Leopold II's wishes, the construction of an arboretum or tree collection began in 1902.
  • The arboretum covers an expanse of 100 ha and is populated by trees from the temperate climate zone of the northern hemisphere.
  • There are two parts to it, namely the New World (Canada and the USA) and the Old World (Europe, North Africa and Asia).
  • Wandelaars in het Arboretum van Groenendaal
  • Braillebord in het Arboretum van Groenendaal