What can one experience here?

  • Cycling


  • This challenging route is laid out in a loop following the same roads where a young Eddy Merckx gained his first cycling experience.
  • Depart from Boerenhof, the cyclists’ café at the church in Meensel.
  • The hilly route spans 70 km, with occasional challenging climbs (elevation gain: 500 m).
  • Cycle past the statue of Eddy Merckx at his birthplace in the Tieltsestraat.
  • On your way, discover the sights such as Vlooyberg Tower, Horst Castle and the region’s many orchards and vineyards.
  • Hagelandse Eddy Merckxroute (©Lander Loeckx/Luc De Blick)
  • Hagelandse Eddy Merckxroute (©Lander Loeckx)