What can one experience here?

  • Cycling


  • Cycling route marked with specific hexagonal white and red signs in one direction (clockwise) and available as gpx. 
  • The hilly route spans 70 km, with occasional challenging climbs (elevation gain: 500 m). 
  • Depart from Boerenhof, the cyclists’ café at the church in Meensel. 
  • This challenging route is laid out in a loop following the same roads where a young Eddy Merckx gained his first cycling experience. 
  • Cycle 70 km in the tracks of Eddy Merckx through the majestic hills and past singular sights, such as Horst Castle and the statue sculpted in his honour in front of his birthplace. 
  • The Eddy Merckx Cycling Route reveals the region’s top highlights. And sometimes top isn’t just a metaphor, definitely not after having conquered the umpteenth calf biter. 
  • But while Horst Castle, the Houwaart vineyards, and the fruit orchards won’t leave you gasping like those slopes do, they are sure to take your breath away.
  • Hagelandse Eddy Merckxroute (©Lander Loeckx/Luc De Blick)
  • Hagelandse Eddy Merckxroute (©Lander Loeckx)