What can one experience here?

  • Cycling


  • Cycling route marked with specific hexagonal white and red signs in one direction (counterclockwise) and available as gpx.
  • The sportive route spans 98 km, with some challenging climbs (elevation gain: 1033 m).
  • Start in Oud-Heverlee or Overijse. 
  • Follow the GPXs below depending on whether you start from Oud-Heverlee or Overijse
  • Participate in your very own classic in true Flandrien style by cycling The Brabantse Pijl route. 
  • Grease up those calves for a ride that’s packed with variety. Not for the faint of heart, only the true great cycling heroes will triumph here. 
  • Conquer the race’s most legendary climbs, like the Smeysberg, Ijskelderlaan, Hagaard, Schavei and Moskesstraat. 
  • Thunder down the cobbled streets of Hertstraat and Postweg. 
  • Hammer it against the wind on the open fields and then race your way to the other side of the valley. To conquer the next climb, you'll need to get out of the saddle and stand on the pedals. 
  • Catch your breath at one of the many cosy cycling cafés. You've earned it! 
  • This route was designed in collaboration with Flanders Classics and Rode Sportief.
  • Fietsers op de Brabantse Pijl Cycling Route
  • Fietsers op de Brabantse Pijl Cycling Route
  • Departure point
    Start 1: Parking Zoete Waters, Maurits Noëstraat 15, 3050 Oud-Heverlee / Start 2: Stationsplein, 3090 Overijse (aan Watermolen)
  • GPS coordinates
    N 50.823203° E 4.656392°

    N 50.770692° E 4.532123°
  • Distance
    98 km