What can one experience here?

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  • The Vlooyberg Tower was made popular by the Belgian TV series ‘Callboys’
  • The floating staircase is made of stainless COR-TEN steel, its colour reminiscent of its ironstone heritage. 
  • It stands at over 11 m high and is more than 20 m long. 
  • It’s at the top of one of the Hageland's highest locations, an inlier around 80 m high, that you’ll find this look-out staircase. 
  • When the skies are clear, you can see Electrabel's cooling towers in Vilvoorde to the west and the shafts of the Limburg coal mines to the east. 
  • To visit the staircase, make your way to coordinates 0°55'36.2"N, 4°54'59.9"E.
  • Vlooybergtoren (©Lander Loeckx)
  • Vlooybergtoren (©Lander Loeckx)
  • Vlooybergtoren (©Lander Loeckx)


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