What can one experience here?

  • Cycling


  • Castle


  • Brabant draft horse

    Brabant draft horse

  • Diepensteyn Castle was once the seat of a medieval seigniory.
  • ‘Hof Diepensteyn’ was unoccupied after the French Revolution and fell into disrepair.
  • Brewery Palm acquired ownership in 1989 and completely rebuilt it.
  • The imposing courtyard contains a coach house and stud farm with Belgian draft horses.
  • Kasteel Diepensteyn (©Lander Loeckx)
  • Kasteel Diepensteyn (©Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant/Dominic Verhulst)

Diepensteyn Castle

Diepensteyn 1,
1840 Londerzeel (Londerzeel)
Tel. +32 52 31 74 11