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  • Regional products

    Regional products

  • Grape / Wine

    Grape / Wine

  • In Overijse, Solheide keeps the tradition of grape growing alive with training courses, support for professional growers, and by cultivating local grape varieties with a PDO label. 
  • Cobblestone paths and the old cemetery walls accompany you on your way to the greenhouses, enriching your experience with the sights, sounds, and textures of Flemish Brabant’s grape-growing past. 
  • Stroll between the glass partitions and admire the gorgeous Raussens heritage building, a towering monument in an oasis of green. 
  • This distinguished building continues to bear witness to the immense prosperity that these ‘glass villages’ enjoyed in the days of yore.

Druivenserres Solheide

Begijnhof 17,
3090 Overijse (Overijse)
Tel. +32 2 785 33 73