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    Brabant draft horse

  • The history of Palm Breweries dates back to 1747, when Anne Cornet built a small village brewery opposite the church. 
  • Palm gained national fame during the World Expo of 1958 in Brussels thanks to its central location on the market square. 
  • It is the only brewery in the world to brew according to the 4 traditional fermentation methods, and operates in 3 historical brewing sites. 
  • Palm is an amber-coloured beer with a herbal, slightly bitter flavour, and is made from top-fermentation using malted barley, fresh hops, a secret blend of herbs and extremely pure artesian water. 
  • The Palm logo features the Brabant draught horse, with its brown body and white mane, alluding to the typical colour of the beer with its hearty white head. 
  • Draught horses are bred on the grounds of Diepensteyn castle behind the brewery.
  • Brouwerij Palm (©Palm Belgian Craft Brewers)
  • Brouwerij Palm (©Palm Belgian Craft Brewers)

Palm and horse stud

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