Seize the occasion to visit this temporary poppy installation one last time during a nocturne from Nov. 9 until Nov. 11.

This commemoration project will come to an end during three late evening events with special light and sound effects and fire performances by Sacred Places. 

When: Friday 9 until Sunday 11 Nov., from 5.30 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Price: free of charge

Breathtaking poppy installation in Tervuren

The Panquin Barracks in Tervuren have been converted into a peace site from 20 June to 11 November 2018. A poppy installation commemorates the end of the First World War. 

Landscape architects Sven Vangodtsenhoven and Hans Tuerlinckx of Art-Ex designed a 100-metre long path that starts on the Hoefijzerplein at Panquin Barracks and increases in height across the Sint-Hubertus site. From there you have a unique view of the ruins of the former ducal palace and Tervuren's ponds. 

The path consists of two parallel walls of stacked wooden logs. A footpath between the walls gives the impression of a trench. Both ends of the logs are painted red with a black centre (poppies) to symbolise the many thousands of victims during the Great War. 

You can write a message of peace and hope and place it in one of several niches that were built into the walls. Thus the path not only commemorates the Great War, it also symbolises hope and peace. Because war is regrettably still a bitter reality for many people.

Practical information

Address: Panquin barracks, Kastanjedreef, 3080 Tervuren
Opening hours: accessible every day from 20 June - 11 November 2018
Price: free of charge